Lifting equipment for increased productivity and improved ergonomics

Positioners for awkward and heavy workpieces

“Ergo Control is a versatile product line of heavy programmable positioners that deliver superior individual positioning for all production runs. With its large program storage capacity, Ergo Control provides the user with an optimized task sequence for each workpiece or individual operator needs, while providing the best ergonomic working position. It’s easy to use, allowing for a quick learning curve, short production time and fast payback.

The L-shaped arm, with unlimited positioning of the angle of turn and inclination, provides a simple range for all work surfaces without load – it even makes it possible to turn the object upside down. Ergo Control is available in standard two- and three-axis configurations, in workloads from 300 to 6000 kilos, and is suitable for all rigorous workshops where awkwardly shaped, large and heavy objects need safe positioning. The Ergo Control line with programmable positioners from Arje allows your employees to work in a safer, more comfortable and more efficient workplace.”

Spare Parts & Service

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