Lifting equipment for increased productivity and improved ergonomics


Throughout our years of operation, we have strived to maintain high quality of our products and offer a high level of service to our customers.

Sikorsky Aircraft

“Using Arje’s positioners has proved to be a great success at Sikorsky’s. The work originally required up to four mechanics. Today, the work can be performed with only one operator. One operator said that this product is one of the best tools he uses throughout the company.”

Joe Weisbruch, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft

Aquate Corporation

“US Army Corpus Christi Depot, one of the world’s largest repair facilities for rotating wings, has to handle some very heavy objects and loads weighing many tons. Ergo Control has proven to be extremely reliable, highly customizable and our operators love working with them.”

Russell Nida, Aquate Corporation, operators at Corpus Cristi Army Repair Depot

Bilbolaget Lastvagnar

“We’ve had Arje’s vehicle lifts on our units for many years and it has become a natural part of our daily work. Above all, it’s the simplicity that we think is the great thing about Arje’s lifts. And it’s important that it’s easy to create an ergonomic work environment.”

Nils-Göran Andersson, Bilbolaget Lastvagnar, Sundsvall


“In total, we have about 18 positioners that run in three shifts. They are very reliable, thanks to a simple and stable construction. Quality is, of course, also important for safety. All our post-inspections and additional assembly work are completely dependent on the positioners. We must be able to create an ergonomic and safe work environment for our employees.”

Per Löfgren, Volvo, Hallsberg

Other references

ABB Fläkt Industri AB, Växjö Sweden
Autoliv Hammarverken AB, Växjö Sweden
Boeing Helicopter, Philadelphia, USA
Boeing Helicopter, Seattle, USA
Bofors AB, Karlskoga Sweden
Boliden AB, Sweden
Eberspächer Exhaust, Germany and Sweden
EXTE Fabrics AB, Färila Sweden
Fri-Jado B.V, Etten-leur, Holland
Huddig AB, Hudiksvall Sweden
Jonsson & Paulsson AB, Östersund, Sweden
Kalmar LMV, Ljungby, Sweden
Lawrence Livermore Nat. Laboratory, California, USA
MSI Forks, Doncaster, England
Philips Maschinefabrieken B.V, Eindhoven, Holland

Scania AB, Luleå, Sweden
Scana Booforge AB, Karlskoga, Sweden
Scania CV AB, Södertälje, Sweden
Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Stratford, CT USA
Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden AB, Mjölby, Sweden
TRUX AB, Färila, Sweden
Volvo Constr. Eq. Cabs AB, Hallsberg, Sweden
Volvo do Brasil Veiculos Ltda, Curitiba, Brasil
Volvo Lastvagnar AB, Tuve, Sweden
Volvo Wheel Loaders AB, Arvika, Sweden
Väderstad-Verken AB, Väderstad, Sweden
Walt Disney World Co, Florida, USA
Wahlqvist Ödeshögverken AB, Ödeshög, Sweden

In addition to the references above, our machines are also used in Estonia, Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, China, Mexico and Spain.

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