Information to our customers and suppliers

Service Notification 1601:

Arje Lifting Systems AB is constantly committed to improving its product offering, both in terms of additions to the product range and providing our customers with support and advice regarding our existing products. As an integral part of this work, we issue service announcements for communicating advice and instructions.

Many of our customers ask us for advice as to when to replace the screw and nut kit. This depends, of course, on what loads our vehicle hoists are lifting and how frequently they are being used.
After having communicated with our suppliers, our advice with respect to replacement of the screw and nut kit on the Arje 6500 is to do this every 10 years. This is because tightening of the screw is carried out using both an upper and a lower bearing, and this in turn produces both radial and axial forces in the screw.  

The Arje 7500 minimises the development of radial forces through alternative design solutions, and thus it has a considerably longer life expectancy. We have no general advice to offer for these models, but you are more than welcome to describe your operating conditions to us, after which we will give you advice on their life expectancies.

Information Company Changes:
On 1 October 2016, all activities of eC Ergotronic AB, Company reg. no. 556564-3706, were moved to Arje Lifting Systems AB (formerly Arje Sweden AB), Company reg. no. 556163-5870. Since the companies have been sister companies for a long time, we want to simplify our operations, thereby providing better service to you as customers and suppliers. We therefore ask that you change your records/databases so that all correspondence is made correctly.

New information as from the above date:

Arje Lifting Systems AB ( f.d. Arje Sweden AB )
Postal address: Box 15111, 85015 Sundsvall
Visiting/delivery address: Köpmanbergsvägen 3, SE 824 50 Hudiksvall
Company reg. no.: 556163-5870
Telephone number: 0651-76 60 40
E-mail address for replacement parts orders: