Arje 7500B

Arje 7500W (formerly Arje 7500R2) is a fantastic big-brother development of our old faithful servant Arje 6500. It is a vehicle lift that has served workshops in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world for many, many years. We believe in our lifts and have therefore invested in further development which means that in the near future we will be able to offer the Arje 7500B, our new vehicle lift. The Arje 7500B will have many characteristics taken from the Arje 7500W in terms of lifting capacity, speed and Swedish-made basic quality. What distinguishes the Arje 7500B from the Arje 7500W is that it will be battery powered and with wireless transmission between the lifting legs. A new safety system will also be installed in this lift. Shortly, we will present the lift visually on the website and social media, so keep an eye out and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.