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The eRGO CONTROL Programmable Work Positioner

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Information: Swedish – English

eRGO·CONTROL is a series of work positioners designed for anyone who works with a workpiece, be it light or heavy, small or large. Used for welding, assembly, grinding, and more.

Link to product page eRGO·CONTROL: www.ergocontrol.com



ARJE Mobile Vehicle Hoist for trucks, buses and machinery

Product information sheet: Svenska Engelska

The ARJE Mobile Vehicle Hoist is a new generation of vehicle hoist for truck, forklift and bus and other workshops. The lifting capacity is 7,500 kg per hoist and up to six lifting jacks can be coupled and used to lift synchronously at the same speed and even level.

Extensive safety features:

Foot-operated locking of the transport wheels
Automatic lowering of the support wheels
Well-protected and effective descent barrier
Warning light for faults in phase sequence
Easily accessible emergency stops on each hoist column 

Quick lift with ARJE Vehicle Hoist

In its standard version, ARJE Vehicle Hoist 7500 is delivered with a lifting and lowering speed of 1,160 mm per minute. The operation is done via controls on the main cabinet or with a cable-operated telephoto handle.

Lifting capacity 7500 kg
Lifting and lowering speed 1160 mm/min
Lift height 1700 mm
Weight 420 kg (per unit)


ARJE Component Jack 1400

Product information sheet: Svenska Engelska

This jack/lift is used for disassembly and assembly of e.g. gearboxes, central and rear axles and engines. The jack/lift has a compressed air driven foot-operated pump for raising and lowering.

Max. load 1400 kg
Min. height 600 mm
Max. height 1300 mm
Weight 280 kg


Brake Drum Lift

Product information sheet: Svenska Engelska

The ARJE Brake Drum Lift makes it easy to lift the brake drum on and off avoiding strenuous heavy lifting for one’s back. Increased efficiency and safety will be the result. The brake drum rests in a cradle and is easy to rotate for alignment with the wheel bolts. This reduces the risk of burn or pinch injury. Stable wheels make the brake lift easy to manoeuvre on the workshop floor.


Lifting capacity 250 kg
Weight 33 kg
Lift height 190 mm
Length 1450 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 850 mm


Stand (supporting trestle)

Product information sheet: Svenska Engelska

The ARJE Stand with resilient transport wheels and a parking brake is easy to adjust and move.


Max. load 6500 kg
Min. height 1400 mm
Max. height 2000 mm
Weight 83 kg